Assessment Centers help you to identify the skills of your potential and existing colleagues – your organization's human resources (HR).

Whether it's about the future employability of your existing or potential colleagues or to prepare someone for leaving the organization, a good Assessment Center helps to properly map strengths and motivations, which can be used for targeted selection, continued growth, training and staff departures.

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How can you make the most of your people’s potential? People are what makes an organization work.

To keep up with developments in the market, organizations need their employees to continuously develop skills, ensuring that they are of optimum use to the company, today and in the future. All too often, however, employees who enthusiastically return from a training resume their tasks the same way they did before. So how do you guarantee the implementation you are looking for in the everyday practice of your company?

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Mystery Visiting

How do you deliver the ultimate customer experience?

Only with the right consistency and dedication can you meet or exceed your clients’ expectations. The sooner you know what and where to improve, the more likely you are to reach the ultimate client satisfaction.

We can help you by organizing a mystery visit. We have someone visit your organization, analyze the process by reviewing all critical steps and behavioral skills so that you gain full insight into your own company’s client experience.

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HR Support

Want to unburden yourself from complex personnel matters? Hand them over to the best HR partner in the region!

As an entrepreneur in a small or medium company, what you find exciting in life is doing business, keeping your ‘eyes on the prize’ and ultimately achieving success with your company. Personnel matters are essential to you, too. You just don’t possess the skills or the time to focus on them. Nor do you have to! There is another way to organize all personnel matters for your employees and make sure they thrive as much as your company!

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Are your people intrinsically motivated to give the company goals all they’ve got?

Human resources often consume a considerable chunk of the organization’s yearly budget. And yet they don’t always get the right attention to achieve the results you aimed for.

Coach Caribbean can assist you in formulating and implementing the perfect HR strategy. We develop tailor-made strategies, translate them into the right decisions, help you choose (or design) the right tools and determine the proper employee development plans.

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If you hire us to assist you to recruit and select new colleagues, there are four broad services we can provide:

  1. Composing the right job profile
  2. Recruiting potentially suitable candidates
  3. Selecting candidates based on their match with the job profile and their personality
  4. Conducting (or helping to conduct) interviews about terms of employment


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